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This site contains images representing a compilation of studies executed through various media such as cut paper, watercolor, pen and ink, oils, acrylics, gouache, graphite, crayons, clay, fabric and other elements.

Shadows of Love

This work is an attempt to define a variety of thoughts and feelings on the subject of love and heartbreak. I was inspired to it through my experience in a failed marriage and subsequent failed romantic relationship. This subject consumed all my artistic desire for 12 years. It has been and continues to be a process of learning for me, personally and artistically.

I've put together a slide show with music by Aaron Neville on YouTube. Running time is a little over five minutes.


Shadows of Whimsy

This work finalizes my break with the Love series through the exploration of colored paper, cut into shapes and layered, using the same shadowbox format. Whimsy is a continuing series.

Enjoy the journey and thank you for taking the time.



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